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A key part of the Bright & Beautiful vision is to support oppressed families across the world  through our charitable giving

We have carefully selected three charities who help women and children escape poverty or slavery. Many vulnerable women and children are sold into slavery each year and many more lack basic food, water, clothing and education.

Each time Bright & Beautiful recruits a new Franchisee we take the opportunity to sponsor a lady to set up a micro-business overseas through a charity called Change4Change.

Right: Bora Lakshmi aged 25 years- Bright & Beautiful have provided her with a sewing machine so that she can make Sarees to earn a living for herself & her family.See

As a result of the funding of the first sewing machine by Faye Mcdonough in June 2010 upon the launch of her Altrincham Franchise, Bora has repaid the micro loan (enabling the funding to help someone else) she has also bought another machine and rented premises in her village. What a brilliant parallel- Faye expanding her business here over the last couple of years and Bora in India! Both entrepreneurial ladies supporting their families!

Martin Jeffs Chief Executive of Change4Change recently sent us this fantastic update! I am pleased to let you know that taking all the "Bright and Beautiful" donations together I will be sending sufficient funds out to Andhra Pradesh, India to take 10 families (around 45 people) out of poverty! I am sure that you agree with me that this is a great result.Thank you once again (Charity Number 1114706)."

The second charity we support is Hope for Justice who rescue people from human trafficking which is modern day slavery. Human Traficking is the sale, transport and profit from people who are forced to work for others against their will. This trade in human life is taking place on a vast global scale and is the world's fastest growing crime. The statistics are shocking :-

- 1.2 million children are trafficked every year, two every minutes
- The average age of a trafficking victim is just 14 years
- $9.5 billion is made through human trafficking each year
- The UN estimates that 80% of people trafficked are taken for sexual  exploitation.
- You can find out more at

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Bora Lakshmi

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Sewing School in India

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We are also privileged to support Compassion International by sponsoring children in different parts of the world.  The projects are run by the local community in each area and we have the opportunity to correspond with each child to track their progress. We are so proud of the children who each send us regular drawings and updates. For more information on how to sponsor a child click

From left to right: Maria Thais age 7 Brazil, Jhonny age 14 Bolivia, Etsegenet age 5 Ethiopia, Ivan age 11 Uganda

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