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Bright & Beautiful cleaners to become ‘Domestic Detectives’

At Bright & Beautiful confidentiality and security are paramount, we have tried and tested security procedures for holding your keys and storing alarm codes. We also provide all of our team members with thorough training and guidance. We have now taken our security training to the next level by partnering with the Greater Manchester Police! We pride ourselves on being highly security conscious, and working with the police is  a very natural extension of the care that we take to look after our clients’ homes and neighbourhood.

 The Altrincham division of Greater Manchester Police has launched a pilot home security scheme with Bright & Beautiful, which will help to protect the homes and neighbourhoods of local homes. The Mobile Homewatch scheme will use a number of the Bright & Beautiful team members working in the Trafford and Cheshire area to act as extra eyes and ears to avert crime and to spot and report potential criminal activity. The scheme is being piloted with the Altrincham force, but we plan to roll out the support service to all of our offices across the UK who will work with their own local constabularies.

Inspector Clark Bowers of the Altrincham Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "We hope that our partnership with Bright & Beautiful will reap similar benefits as our uniformed and undercover patrols in the local hot spot areas. Not only will they provide an extra set of eyes and ears, but they will also be able to pass on valuable crime prevention advice to the homeowners they service.”    

Our Northwest branches have been through crime detection training  with Police Community Support Officers Simon Elliott and Daniel Eckersley who briefed team members about crime prevention and how to be aware of potential criminal activity.

domestic home cleaning house cleaner ironer

  Image courtesy of MEN Media 

As well as being given training on what we should look out for whilst in the community we have also been given valuable advice to pass on to our clients:

  • Set your alarm at night whilst sleeping
  • Do not to leave any valuables in clear view from downstairs windows.
  • Do not let anyone into your home if your  concerned or are unsure about who they are you can always ask for identification
  • Make sure you shut all windows before leaving the house
  • If you have a cat flap or your front door leads straight into your house (rather than having a lockable porch) make sure you do not leave keys in the back of the door as burglars can put their hands or a stick through the cat flap or letterbox and take the keys. 

To read more about this scheme click here

domestic home cleaning house cleaner ironer