Charity & Micro Enterprise

A key part of the Bright & Beautiful vision is to help women and children escape poverty or slavery through our charitable giving or micro enterprise funding

Bright & Beautiful has bought a plot of land and is about to develop a school in rural Rwanda, Central Africa. Currently the children have no education at all as the nearest school is 1.5 hours walk away. We are bringing hope where there is no hope for the children to gain an education. This means they can escape the cycle of poverty and build a positive future for themselves and their families. You can be part of this amazing opportunity all for the price of a cup of coffee!

How can I help?

Would you like to buy a hand-made brick for the cost of a cup of coffee?? Each brick bought will go towards building the children’s school. Click on the ‘Buy a Brick’ button at the top of the page to donate to this fantastic project. Please spread the word with your friends, family, colleagues and anyone you know who loves coffee.

Latest Update

There is a great buzz in the village and surroundings areas about our school right now. We have submitted our final proposed plans and drawings of our school and construction methods to the planning department and are now waiting for their approval. Rob Ray (Bright & Beautiful MD) met with the mayor and his officials recently who are happy about the development that we are facilitating.

Education and Training

The aim of the school and training centre is to give the children access to an education and the adults practical training which will include: tailoring, organic farming and business skills. This will enable to people of the village to have hope and a route out of poverty. The picture shows the four corners of the classroom in location.

What Next?

Instead of spending hours collecting water, we want the children of Cyabatanzi to be able to go to school. We have bought a plot of land in the middle of the village, the perfect place to build this school. It is our vision to have this school up and running in 2017.

The Story So Far

Over the last 2 years we have bought and given over 50 goats as gifts to the women in Cyabatanzi village. As goats breed quickly therefore can yield a steady income in a relatively short time. We have also undertaken extensive repairs and refurbishment work to the homes of the poorest widows in the village. The photo is taken from our plot of land and overlooks the village.