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Meet cleaning experts like Ellen & Silviu from Bright & Beautiful Chester

How we care for our clients

At Bright & Beautiful, we assist people across the UK by providing a professional domestic housekeeping service to keep their homes clean, and help maintain a healthier and happier living environment. We free up our clients’ time by providing as little or as much housekeeping and cleaning support as they need. We do this by employing and training dedicated professional housekeepers who pride themselves on delivering outstanding services, time after time.

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    Over 1000 employed professional housekeepers

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    We cover over 74 locations across the UK

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    Clients select us for our security and reliability

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    More than 200,000 homes cleaned each year

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Our story

In 2007, the founder of Bright & Beautiful, a busy working mum, decided it was time to bring something new to the domestic cleaning market. As she was juggling her career and young family she found it hard to find “quality time with the family”, chores like cleaning the house, ironing and general housekeeping were things she was keen to “ditch” in exchange for a little free time.

Let’s face it, we all feel the pressures of modern life and increasingly we may be time poor and overstretched, domestic housekeeping and cleaning services are no longer a luxury, it’s essential for many of our busy clients.

In those early days at Bright & Beautiful, we knew that there was a demand for a premium, reliable and professional cleaning service.

Our clients tell us regularly that they value our service and based on previous experiences, they were shocked by some practices and perceptions in the cleaning industry. When we looked more closely, some of those things shocked us too. The cleaning industry was associated with low-quality service providers, workforces with little or no employment rights and cleaning products which could include toxic or harmful ingredients. We frequently heard clients tell us about being unable to find a reliable local service.

Bright & Beautiful is proud to have built our business with strong values, a great team with full employment rights and our client promises at the heart;

  • Trusted Team
  • Strict Security
  • Pure Products
  • Holistic Housekeeping

Since launch, the business has grown from strength to strength with over 74 locations around the UK employing over 1000 carefully vetted professional housekeepers and servicing thousands of clients.

Our vision

The Bright & Beautiful vision is to empower people, such as:

  • Busy professionals and retirees who need our services to manage their home
  • Team members who want to work in a positive and rewarding environment
  • Charitable organisations where we can make an impact in the local community

10 reasons to choose Bright & Beautiful

  • 1

    Our Professional Domestic Cleaning Service

    Our comprehensive cleaning, laundry and ironing services are of a consistently high standard week after week. In consistent value per visit we cannot be beaten.

  • 2

    Our Management Service

    We are not an agency. We will provide you with a detailed quote and manage our team to deliver the service for you. We have an agreed action plan for your home so you can leave it in our safe hands.

  • 3

    Our Trusted Teams

    Our trusted team of Professional Housekeepers are carefully selected, reference and Criminal Record checked. They are fully employed (they are not agency workers) and unlike an agency, you will not have an unsupervised individual in your home.

  • 4


    Our carefully vetted team follow strict security procedures that mean that your home and your keys are kept secure at all times. We also have confidentiality agreements in our employment contracts.

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  • 5

    Pure Products: Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic

    We provide and use the best eco-friendly non-toxic cleaning products that clean your home effectively and ensure luxury finishes. (You never have to shop for cleaning products again!)

  • 6

    Local Client Testimonials

    We have many local testimonials so you can have peace of mind that we will do what we say.

  • 7

    Our Reliability

    As we work in teams of two and three, we always cover holiday and sickness so we don’t let you down.

  • 8

    Our Guarantee

    In consistent value per visit we will not be beaten. We are so confident in our efficient procedures for recruitment, security and housekeeping that we challenge you to find a service that can match us in consistent value and quality of service.

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  • 9

    Hygiene Standards

    A fresh set of sterilised quality clean cloths and mops are used on your home.

  • 10


    We are fully insured our public liability insurance, health & safety procedures and employee liability insurance ensure that you, your home and our team are protected.


How do we compare to other cleaning companies?

To help highlight what really sets us apart from other cleaning companies, we have outlined a comparison table below. Trust is a critical part of our business, which is why we want to let you know how we run our business whilst caring and maintaining our clients' homes.

  Bright & Beautiful Company with employed staff Cleaning agency Cash in hand cleaning
holistic housekeepingHolistic housekeeping
Tailored quote ?
Management service
Feedback system ?
trusted teamTrusted team
Ethically employed ?
Fully trained
Sickness & holiday cover
Insured to be on your premises ? ?
pure productsPure Products
Provide products & equipment ?
Eco-friendly ? ? ?
Fresh cloths on every visit ? ?
strict securityStrict Security
Work in accountable teams
Secure key storage ? ?
Alarm code management ?
Criminal record checked ?