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Two Festive Trends We Expect To See In Our Clients’ Homes This Christmas

While an eager few may have already welcomed a Christmas tree into our homes, most of us will be thinking about what type and when to buy ours from early December

Arrgghhh Halloween Stains And How To Get Rid Of Them!

It’s that time of the year when we don our scariest outfits and go trick or treating, or more commonly these days we celebrate this spooky time of year with a haunted house party

Beautiful Times Ahead With Dwyer Group

We are very excited to announce that Bright & Beautiful have been acquired by Dwyer Group; an American franchisor based in Waco, Texas.

Be Brighter!

This must be the greyest, most miserable time of the year so making our home feel like a sanctuary can really help to boost our spirits.

From Dagenham To The Dorchester

Now they do say that you should never meet your heroes but in December I was lucky enough to meet two of my all-time heroines and I have to say they more than lived up to their reputation.

Our Housekeepers Have Voted! Our Top Ten Most Hated Christmas Chores

As Christmas Day draws nearer we’re opening our advent calendars with anticipation, choosing presents for our nearest and dearest and decking the halls with every kind of decoration known to man.

Bring Some Hygge Into Your Home

The buzzword of this Autumn has to be hygge (pronounced hoo-guh, in case you were wondering….) which has swept in from Denmark and taken the nation by storm.

Pets At Home, Without The Problems!

Us Brits are well known for our love of our pets with more than 30 million of us now sharing our homes with a domestic animal.
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