April 2020

Don’t Waste Time! Five Ways To Improve Your Dusting

Don’t Waste Time! Five Ways To Improve Your Dusting

Dusting is perhaps one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to cleaning, just ask any professional housekeeper! What seems like a simple job can often turn out to be a real headache, especially when you spend hours cleaning only to notice that dust just keeps reappearing.

Here are our top five dusting tips so you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing what you love.

Dust before you vacuum

This is a highly contested point among the cleaning community, and certainly there are pros and cons for dusting first or last.

Hoovering first may prevent you from kicking up dust, but it also means you’ll have to wait a good hour or two for the fine particles to settle before you can dust. Not to mention you’ll inevitably have to hoover again anyway to pick up the bits of dirt and dust that will fall on the floor after you’ve dusted. Let’s be honest, who has time for that?

Dusting first ensures you won’t have to hoover the same floor twice and, by the time you’ve finished dusting the whole house, the dust will have had plenty of time to descend so you’ll be able to crack on with the vacuuming.

Use the right tools

Although the feather duster has long been the traditional tool for dusting, it is certainly not the ideal choice in modern times. Feather dusters need to be made from high-quality ostrich down feathers to be effective and often will only push dust around unless proper technique is practiced.

Microfibre cloths are the smarter choice since they are cheap, easy to use, and require little to no product to actively pick up dust. As the name implies, microfibre cloths are made of much smaller fibres in comparison to regular cloths. The smallness of the fibres allows them to attach themselves to even the most microscopic of dust particles, giving you a better, quicker clean!

Spray directly onto the cloth

If you choose to use product, we recommend that you spray directly onto the cloth instead of spraying onto furniture. This is so you have better control over the product and don’t accidentally spray unintended items. Remember not to oversaturate the cloth and always keep one completely dry cloth on hand to buff away any smears that may be left!

Start from the top down

Dusting from the top down will not only prevent dust from falling on sections you have already cleaned but will also ensure that you don’t miss any easy-to-forget areas.

Begin dusting each room by first tackling cobwebs and hard to reach high-up dust before moving down to other areas. If it helps, try breaking down the room into sections i.e. focus on all the furniture along one wall before moving on to another.

Don’t forget to move items and furniture!

You’d be surprised by how much dust can collect behind unmoved items and furniture. These clogged areas of dust are a breeding ground for dust mites which can threaten your health. That’s why it’s so important to remember to hoover behind large pieces of furniture and to lift and dust under every object. If you’re nervous about knocking things over, a good tip is to slide objects out of the way instead of picking them up.


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