April 2020

Four Ways To Get Your Home Back To School Ready

Four Ways To Get Your Home Back To School Ready

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded back to school is almost upon us.

The beginning of the new school year is stressful for both students and parents alike. Not only are you struggling to get your home organised again after six weeks of the kids being home, but now you’re madly rushing round trying to get them organised too!

Get your home back on track by following our four easy tips to help ease that back to school stress and take control of clutter and chaos.

Organise your closet space

Make room for that brand-new school uniform and text books by clearing out unwanted items and worn clothing from your kids’ cupboards.

Sit down with your children and form two piles: a ‘keep’ and a ‘toss’ pile. Any items that aren’t too used could be donated to your local charity shop or even sold online!

Silence any grumblings by sticking on a movie in the background or make it a fun experience by putting on up-beat music and throw your own fashion show!

Get on top of your washing and ironing pile

Laundry is nobody’s favourite chore, but simply setting a schedule can make doing the washing and ironing feel a lot less like a slog. Knowing that you have a routine in place is key to helping you avoid that sinking feeling of having to tackle the mountain of clothes all in one go, particularly at the beginning of the school year.

Decide if you’d prefer to have a set laundry day. This is perfect for those who are too tired to deal with their washing in the week and would rather spend a couple hours at the weekend getting it done.

Alternatively, if you feel overwhelmed with doing all your washing in one day, consider incorporating a little washing into your everyday routine. This can easily be done by putting on a load every morning before breakfast and then leaving in the drier before the school run.

Create a study area

Having a dedicated area for studying will not only help improve your child’s focus but will also help your home stay clean and organised. The kitchen is the heart of the home so it is a great idea to set up a small homework spot if you have the space … and you can make sure the homework is getting done while you prepare dinner!

If you have teenagers, get them involved with the design of the study area. This will give them a space that they will be happy to be in and will (hopefully) encourage them to study more.

Take a look at these study area designs to get some inspiration!

Prepare packed lunch essentials

Make sure all lunch boxes and reusable containers are all washed up ready for the beginning of term. We’d suggest dedicating a cupboard in your kitchen solely to lunchbox supplies to make the morning rush just a little bit easier. You can also do this with refrigerated sandwich essentials by storing them all in one fridge drawer for easier access.

If you find the morning rush totally overwhelming, consider preparing lunch boxes the night before or meal prep for the entire week during the weekend. We’d also recommend doing a fridge clear-out to ensure you have plenty of space for when you do the inevitable big food shop before the beginning of term.