December 2023

Have a Stress Free Christmas With These Top Tips From Bright & Beautiful.

Have a Stress Free Christmas With These Top Tips From Bright & Beautiful.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your home for hosting, cooking and lots of mess to come.

With everyday tasks such as work, laundry and hobbies taking up your precious time, these top tips should help you prepare your home for the festive season.

 Focus on kitchens and living areas.

cleaner wiping dining table with cloth and cleaner dusting in background

Let’s face it, all the best parties happen in the kitchen, so focus your attention on the busiest rooms in the house. These main living areas are the heart of the home and essential for Christmas entertaining.

Therefore, making sure all worktops and tables are sanitised, appliances polished, skirting boards dusted and the cushions perfectly plumped should be on your to do list before the party starts. Don’t forget to also mop the floors, sanitise the bins, and clear away any rubbish from these rooms, however, all the wrapping paper will soon fill them up again!

Once these rooms have had this initial clean, you’ll find it easy to maintain throughout the festive season.  

Care for your Christmas Tree

There’s no doubt that a freshly cut conifer puts us in the Christmas spirit instantly!

However, leaking sap and dropping pines can soon cause a mess that no one wants to deal with.

Once you’ve collected your tree, saw off an inch or two from the base of the trunk, this will not only remove any sap from the bottom that could transfer to your carpet, but your tree will now be able to better absorb water, keeping it fresh and green for the whole season.

For happy and healthy pines, make sure to keep your tree hydrated; checking on the water every day.

De-clutter and make some space for cards, gifts and snacks

A full house means spare space can be limited, so this is the perfect time to stand back and declutter each room. Be ruthless, go through the house, and see which pieces of furniture or ornaments can be neatly stored away or donated.

This Is also a great time to put away those bits that have found a new home, magazines left on coffee tables, that empty vase sitting in the corner or even laptops, tablets and chargers that can be at risk of being broken.

This will give you more available surface area to place bowls of picky bits, for your guests to place their drinks and for Christmas cards to be displayed.


Prepare your spare room

cleaner making a bed

With guests coming, it’s always good to have your spare room ready for visitors.

Over time, spare rooms can accumulate dust and cobwebs, so make sure you use an extendable feather duster to get to all the high corners. Now is also a great time to give the room a quick hoover and wipe down any surfaces.

You will also want to have a freshly made bed for your guests, so now is the time to replace the sheets, make the bed, and fluff the pillows for the hotel feel.


Keeping your house clean doesn't have to be daunting – with this tick list in hand and some elbow grease, you'll be well on your way to hosting ready.


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