July 2020

Post Lockdown Cleaning Tips

Post Lockdown Cleaning Tips

As the lockdown restrictions start to ease and we begin to slowly emerge after weeks of being stuck in our homes, for many it feels like a fresh new start. 

Most people have never spent so much time at home, and while some may now have immaculate homes after spending more time cleaning, others may have been juggling home-schooling, working from home, entertaining children and endless cooking. If this sounds like you, your home could probably do with a really good clean to get everything fresh and up together again. 

woman working at home with child in background

It can be very therapeutic to clean from top to bottom and cast out the clutter and cobwebs – but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea! If it just seems like a tedious chore to you, here are some easy tips on how to tackle the task.

Our top tips for a post-lockdown cleaning blitz:

1. Get organised - Put all of your cleaning products and equipment in one container to carry around with you so you aren't dashing back and forth to your cleaning cupboard to grab things. 

cleaning products in a tub and woman wearing rubber gloves

2. Focus on one room at a time - Clean one room thoroughly and then move on to the next. This will not only help you tick each room off your list but will allow you the satisfaction of seeing a perfectly pristine room emerge before your eyes.

You could start at the top and work your way down - dusting, vacuuming, wiping and organising each room methodically.

3. Remove clutter - Before you start each room take ALL of the clutter, ornaments, pictures and knick-knacks out of the room and place them in a large box or container. Before placing your items back in your room, decide whether you need or want them and make sure they are clean. Take the opportunity to clear your wardrobes/drawers and donate anything you don't want or wear to charity (or throw them away if they are in bad condition).

If possible, take down curtains and remove fabric covers from furniture and furnishings and wash anything machine-washable. For large items that can't go in your washing machine, give them a nice vacuum and sprinkle with a suitable deodoriser.

preparing clothes for donation box

4. Ventilate your home - Open windows as you go to let in lots of lovely fresh air! This will help disperse any fumes created by your cleaning products and will help freshen up your home.

7. Disinfect high touch-point surfaces such as TV remotes, keyboards, bannisters, light switches, door handles, desks/tables and kitchen worktops.

hand wiping a computer keyboard with cloth, and hands in rubber gloves cleaning worktop

Breaking the task down into smaller manageable chunks will make it so much easier to clean your home without feeling overwhelmed and you will feel so much better when it’s done!

If you can't face the job or don't have the time to tackle it, the Bright & Beautiful team would be more than happy to help give your home a deep clean, just get in contact for a quote!