July 2020

Soda Crystals - What's Not to Love?

Soda Crystals - What's Not to Love?


Soda crystals cost as little as £1 per 1kg bag and have the power to bust through stains, blockages and deep clean your appliances. Cleaning expert Mrs Hinch swears by them!

This affordable cleaning product is great for cleaning and deodorising the washing machine, removing burnt-on residue from pans, keeping sinks and drains fresh and unblocked, and removing moss and algae from patios. 


Soda Crystals Cleaning Tips

We have a few handy tips to share with you for cleaning with soda crystals. This product is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of cleaning chores, whether you have a greasy surface to clean or you want to give your old pans some sparkle.

Before you start cleaning with soda crystals, remember to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation.


Cleaning Your Oven

Oven cleaning can be a tedious task if you don't have time to clean it regularly. You might find stubborn stains inside your oven and on your hob from old spillages and a build-up of grime. By following a few simple steps, soda crystals can transform your oven.

cleaning a hob with a sponge

1. Fill your sink about halfway with hot water and mix in roughly 250g of soda crystals.

2. Remove the cast iron pan supports and disks from your hob (if removable) and soak in the mixture in your sink for 2-3 hours. If the supports don't fit properly in your sink, you can rotate them at the 1/1.5 hour mark. It is important that you don't use soda crystals on aluminium surfaces as it could discolour them!

3. Grab a bucket or large bowl and create a solution of 200g soda crystals dissolved in 500ml of hot water.

4. With a sponge, use the solution to wipe down your hob.

5. Make sure the power to your oven is switched off.

6. Open your oven and remove the shelves.

7. Sprinkle some soda crystals over any greasy spots on the inside of your oven - it will quickly start to dissolve the grease.

8. Use your soda crystals solution to wipe down the inside of your oven.

9. Leave your oven to soak for about an hour and then wipe dry with some kitchen towel.

10. Head back over to your sink and remove your cast iron pan supports and disks. Brush off any residue and give them a rinse under the tap before drying and placing back on your hob.

11. Drain your sink and refill with hot water and mix in some soda crystals. Like you did with your hob pan stands and disks, soak your oven shelves for 2-3 hours before putting them back in your freshly cleaned oven.


Freshening Up Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are one of the most neglected appliances and can quickly become smelly and mouldy if not regularly cleaned. This not only means your clothes aren't as fresh as they should be after they've been washed, but this could also negatively impact the lifespan of your machine.

clean washing machine

To deodorise and remove limescale from your washing machine, simply put 500g of soda crystals into the drum of your machine, and then run it on the longest, hottest cycle for the best results. Any dirt or smelly mildew will be rinsed away! For stubborn mould, you might need an expert to clean your machine more thoroughly. 


Unblock Your Sink

Sinks can easily become blocked from a build-up of grease, food and oil. If you have a slow draining sink, you probably have a blockage. 

clean kitchen sink

There's no need to call a plumber for most ordinary or non-severe blockages. Try pouring boiling water down the sink, once it has drained away, fill a mug with soda crystals and pour it down the plughole. Once it clears, pour another mug of hot water down the sink. To be extra sure your blockage has completely gone, empty a full kettle of hot water down the sink. Et voilà - your sink should be blockage free! If you sink still doesn't drain, you should contact a plumber.


Cleaning Your Patio With Soda Crystals

There's nothing quite like a pristine patio to make your time in the garden that bit more enjoyable. Many patios and decking fall victim to moss and algae, which makes them dull, unattractive and even dangerously slippery. To avoid stubborn marks and dirt, it's a good idea to thoroughly clean your patio once or twice a year.

Soda crystals are a great option to blast through any moss and algae, leaving your patio beautifully clean.

1. Sprinkle soda crystals liberally over your patio.

2. If the ground is dry or it is windy and the crystals might be swept away, dampen the area by sprinkling some water over it (a watering can will do the job!).

3. Leave for up to 2 days to work. The moss will turn brown when it's ready to remove. 

4. Use a shovel or stiff garden brush to remove the moss/algae.

5. Wet the area once more.

6. Brush away any remaining debris.

And there you have it, a brand new looking patio ready for garden parties and sunbathing in the sunny months!

Please note, soda crystals can be harmful to household pets if ingested, so ensure you are monitoring your furry friends whilst the soda crystals do their work.

clean patio

We hope you have found our guide to soda crystals useful - maybe you now have a new cleaning staple to add to your collection? For housekeeping and home cleaning support, contact your local Bright & Beautiful team of fully trained, friendly cleaners.