April 2020

The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Survival Guide

The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Survival Guide

When we think of summer, we think of stress-free lazy days spent lounging in glorious sunshine… sadly, chores still need be done whatever the weather.

Below is our ultimate summer cleaning survival guide for when you’re feeling too hot and bothered to clean.

Start cleaning as early as possible

Our number one tip for surviving summer cleaning is to start cleaning as early in the day as possible. Avoiding the hottest times of the day will be key to staying cool and productive during summer. Not only will getting an early start keep you cool but will also ensure you get your cleaning chores out of the way quickly so you can fully enjoy your time off in the sun.

Keep your house cool

While opening all the doors and windows might seem like the most obvious way to cool down your home, it can often invite more problems. Dust, dirt and flies can all come inside when doors and windows are left open, inevitably leaving you with even more to clean.

Instead, follow these tips to keep your home cool:

  • Only open windows in the morning to let the cool morning air in. Close them when the weather starts to heat up.
  • Keep all curtains/blinds closed to block out light and prevent rooms from heating up.
  • To keep room temperatures down, hang wet towels and sheets in front of windows.
  • If you don’t have an AC unit, place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to spread cool air.
  • Strategically place frozen water bottles around the house to keep rooms cool.

Spot-clean floors

Who can really be bothered to meticulously sweep, hoover and scrub when you’re already sweating out of every pore on your body? Save yourself time and energy by simply spot-cleaning floors. Pick up noticeable dirt, fluff and hair with a cloth or make use of a handheld vacuum if available. For hard floor areas, use a damp cloth to quickly wipe away any spillages or marks.

Clean your windows

While we know cleaning scorching hot windows is probably the last thing you’ll want to do, summer is the ideal time to get your windows sparkling. With such lovely weather, you’ll no doubt be looking outside your windows more and beginning to notice all the fingerprints and fly dirt smeared across your glass.

Follow our first tip and start cleaning as early in the day as possible to avoid getting burnt as you clean. You’ll also get the best results in cooler temperatures since strong heat and sunlight will dry your windows before you can finish cleaning, leaving you with unsightly streaky windows.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a given at any time of the year but is particularly important during hot summer months and even more so when you’re cleaning. You might not think cleaning would be much cause for concern for your hydration levels, but any physical activity that gets you out of breath or sweaty will count as exercise and potentially dehydrate you. In fact, it’s estimated that you could burn an excess of 200 calories during an intense cleaning session!

In hot weather, it’s best to take cleaning as slow and easy as possible. Remember to take regular breaks and keep drinking water as you clean.