Back to School – Our 5 Step Plan to Succeed!

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Top 5 Holiday Destinations

With just a couple of weeks to go until the nation’s children get back to school the time has come to start thinking about how we are going to adjust back into the school run.

From getting back into a more structured bedtime (especially if you’ve all been glued to the Olympics like we have!) to checking over supplies, here are our top 5 tips to get you back into the term time routine.


Check over uniforms

It never ceases to amaze us just how much children can grow over the holidays! Much as they won’t want to, get them to try on any key items such as trousers so you can lay in extra supplies if they have several cm of leg showing!

Lay out all of the uniform items – from socks to cardigans – and check them over for any holes, rips or marks – so you have plenty of time to repair, clean or replace.


Stock up on supplies

If, like us, you haven’t taken a look at their school bag since it was flung on a chair in joy sometime in July, it’s time to check it over. Make sure you have the school’s required stationery list, which can change year by year, and give yourself plenty of time to order in what you need.

The lunchbox and water bottles may need an overhaul too, especially plastic bottles which can perish or develop mould over time.


Back to sleep

One of the fun things about the holidays is casting aside the routine and having a more relaxed way of life. But if bedtimes have crept gradually later it is important to start to get children to bed a bit earlier as term time approaches. Doing it gradually and reading or chatting in bed with them won’t make it feel too much like a punishment either.


Create a calendar

We love a good chart and, whether you have one or several children under your roof, term time will inevitably see the return of calendar chaos with school events, after school clubs, play dates, music lessons and sports clubs all vying for space in your diary.

How you prefer to get organized is very much a personal choice but you may want to opt for a digital version that will sync with your various phones and devices. We like to use different colours for various activities or children and set up alarms to remind us of key events, like no uniform or fancy dress days for example.

You can’t beat a good old fashioned family event calendar, placed somewhere prominent in the kitchen so you all know where they need to be, when they need to be there and what they need to take with them.

Anything that saves us from having to create a Tudor costume the night before a school trip is a good idea!


Feed the brains

Stocking up on the groceries and supplies you’ll need for the start of school also means a bit of adjustment from the more relaxed summer routine when we tend to be out and about more and perhaps have less structured mealtimes. Make sure you have all the preferred cereals and other breakfast favourites and stock up on whatever your children prefer for packed lunches, school and after school snacks to avoid a mad scramble the night before.

We often find that it’s a good time to introduce foods they may have tried and loved on holiday into their lunch box – watermelon will definitely be making a reappearance in our fridge for as long as we can still find it in the shops, post September!

And if you finally have the house back to yourself, even if just for a few hours, why not let us come and make it look and smell beautiful for you?

Our dedicated teams of housekeepers will sort out any cleaning, ironing or laundry you have and in the words of Maria, one of our many satisfied customers: “When I come home I run about the place and smile. It’s like the reset button has been pressed and all is back to normal.”


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