UK’s first doll’s house cleaning service

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Professional housekeeping service Bright & Beautiful has launched Doll’s Housekeeping, the UK’s first and only doll’s house cleaning service, which will be rolled out across the UK from 1st April 2015.

NiketaKesslyfromBright&BeautifulThe specialist doll’s house clean takes around 30 minutes to complete and uses bespoke equipment such as miniature vacuum cleaners and cloths as well as eco friendly, hypo allergenic and natural products. The service includes:

  • Vacuum of all rooms and stairs
  • Steam sterilization of furniture, accessories and dolls
  • Damp wipe of all flooring, ceilings, cupboards, bathrooms and internal and external walls
  • Polishing floors and furniture
  • Polishing glass and metal surfaces
  • Tidy of all rooms and reordering furniture and people to correct rooms
  • Laundry of all bedding, towels and curtains (off site)

The new Doll’s Housekeeping service was inspired by the growing number of the firm’s clients that were asking their housekeepers to empty and clean doll’s, Lego and Barbie houses because they were anxious about dust in the toys triggering asthma and other allergies in their children.  The service also includes cleaning Lego towers and boxes; Barbie and other action figure houses and vehicles and can be extended to playhouses and outside play areas.

Bright & Beautiful Founder Rachel Ray said: “Our children’s bedrooms and playrooms are often crammed full of toys but how often do they ever get properly cleaned? A number of our clients had been asking us to tidy and sort out their children’s doll’s houses and play rooms so we decided to trial a deep cleaning service that will keep toys looking fresh and smart as well as reducing the dust, germs and other bugs that can badly affect children with breathing or skin allergies.

“A doll’s house with several rooms full of furniture and accessories can often be worth several hundred pounds so we treat it with just as much care as we would our clients’ other valuable pieces and carry full insurance for any damages. We also ask the clients to take a photograph of the doll’s house just as they like to keep it so that when we go in and clean, we can arrange the furniture and settings to meet their requirements, from a simple family at home scenario to a fully laid dining table with food and wine.”

Bright & Beautiful’s 50 franchises and 300 employees all use eco friendly and natural cleaning products in their standard cleaning, tidying and laundry services. The teams offering Doll’s Housekeeping will use the same products as well as offering a deep sterilizing steam clean for smaller pieces and dolls, which will have experienced more handling. The service will launch on 1st April 2015 to existing Bright & Beautiful clients with prices starting from £20 per doll’s house.

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