What really makes a good dad?

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As Father’s Day approaches it got us thinking about what makes a good dad.  Of course everyone has their own opinions, based largely on what we love (or tolerate!) in our own dads and partners.

We asked some of our Bright & Beautiful team to name a few things that they really value in their own fathers and husbands.  And putting the bins out wasn’t even mentioned once!


Being there

Today every family has a plethora of gadgets, smartphones, iPads and more. So it is all too easy for us to slide off into our cyber worlds and forget about the people in the room with us.  Turning off the football and going out in the garden to kick a ball around; taking the time to invent silly games that are just a BIT on the crazy side – we love you for that!

Being patient

No one gives you a manual when you have a child but if they did, being patient would be right up there in chapter one.  As a dad its not just being patient with bad behavior and homework but rather taking the time to listen to the often rambling stories, understanding why they need to tuck 15 teddies in at night and why they like to hear the same story read to them over and over again


This was a very popular choice with our team – probably because we all remember our dads teaching us something, whether it was times tables or how to fix a plug onto our hairdryer!  We love it when you pass on that knowledge and take the time to show your children how you do something. Just think, they may well pass it on to their children in years to come!

Being tolerant

From day one, children will do things we don’t like or agree with but most would agree it gets worse as they enter the teenage years.  We love it when you try to remember what you were like at their age and let them have their opinions, even if you disagree.  Remembering that a kid’s job is to push boundaries is a hugely important part of being a dad.

Being number two

One of the hardest things when a couple become a family is that dad inevitably loses a lot of our attention for a good few years.  If a dad can be happy to take a back seat and even enjoy the view from there, you’re ok by us.

Showing your feelings

We all know people who grew up with very unemotional parents and it can have a lasting effect on us into adulthood. A dad who is happy to show his feelings, to show his kids how much they mean to him and to say “I love you” is top of our list.

There are so many more qualities that we love about you blokes of course and for all you great dads out there, we salute you and wish you a happy Father’s Day.

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