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Chester Local Office News

B&B Chester Awarded ‘Business Growth of the Year 2018’

We are so pleased to announce that on the 1st May 2018, at the Dwyer Group conference in Berlin, we were awarded with ‘Business Growth of the Year 2018’ and we have also got an award for ‘Business transformation of the year 2017’ Read More

One Year On – Team Awards

It’s been over a year now since I took on my franchise and I can say that it’s been a real journey for me. In all this time I can say that I have learned a lot about myself, about my dedicated team and all aspects of running a business.

Difficult times along the way? Yes of course we came across good days and no so good days, but I think we have all learned that with hard work ... Read More

B&B Chester Support Claire House Children’s Hospice

Claire House offers care, support and choice to families whose children wont live to be adults.

Whilst the hospice is located not the Wirral, Claire house aim to offer the very best care to wherever and whenever a child and family needs it, whether they visit the hospice or are looked after by the Hospice to Home Team. Read More

More About The Bright & Beautiful Chester Team

Imagine coming home after a busy day, your home is not just clean is immaculate, the lounge looks and smells inviting, the beds are made like a hotel, and all your clothes and laundry are pressed and put away, so you can spend time with your family, unwinding....

This is what our team are striving to achieve every day, doing their best to bring that hotel feel into your home with every visit. Read More

Cheshire Dad swaps hotel career for eco-friendly housekeeping

Dad of two Silviu Bompa made his home in Cheshire seven years ago, having left his native Romania to make a career in the hotel and hospitality industry.

After successfully running a hotel in Cheshire since 2012 he has now swapped hospitality for housekeeping with the launch of his own eco-friendly domestic homecare business in Chester. Read More