Domestic cleaning services based in Dulwich

Domestic cleaning services in Dulwich
Franchisee: Lisa Suiter

Bright & Beautiful Dulwich is part of an award-winning concept in domestic homecare, providing eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing; with carefully selected professional cleaners working to the highest standards of security and service.

Franchise Owner Lisa Suiter is on hand in Greater London covering Dulwich, Forest Hill, East Dulwich, Herne Hill & surrounds to make sure that your home is looked after to your exact requirements.

Regular Housekeeping For Busy Professionals

Specialising in regular housekeeping services, we ensure your home is beautifully clean and tidy and can also take care of the laundry and ironing; leaving you free to enjoy your hard-earned free time. We provide a range of professional domestic services that can be tailored to your specific needs on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Our Promise

Our Promise

Client Feedback

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We absolutely love Bright and Beautiful Dulwich! Lisa and her team are a delight! The house is spotless and we couldn't be happier.

Emily Medley, Forest Hill

My wonderful cleaning team from Bright and Beautiful Dulwich are hands down the best cleaners I have ever had. Reliable, professional and seriously good at what they do they are a joy to have in the house. Their care and attention are clear to see, and best of all any feedback is taken on board professionally without any awkwardness. I simply couldn't live without them now!

Kelly Mosley, Dulwich

Lisa’s Bright and Beautiful team clean better than any cleaners I’ve had before. Professional, friendly and amazingly efficient, I’m so glad I managed to book in a weekly slot just before we had our baby. Four children in the house plus so many visitors all felt manageable thanks to their weekly visit! Couldn’t recommend them more highly.

R Mackey, East Dulwich

This is a really fantastic service! I have been using Bright and Beautiful for two years now and they do a wonderful job. They are thorough, reliable, professional and I can not recommend them highly enough. It is always a pleasure to come home to a sparkly flat after they have been to clean!

E Stevenson, Dulwich

I just thought I’d let you know that dealing with you is always really easy and that the ladies that you send not only do an incredibly professional job but are also a real delight and really pleasant and its always a pleasure when they come around.

Iris Dulwich, Village

Hi I’d just like to say thank you, the work you guys do is far, far better than anyone else we've had.

Andrew and Jess, East Dulwich

The bright and beautiful team of ladies we have are great, so fast and efficient and leave the house gleaming in no time at all!!! They really care about our opinion and always ask if we are happy and if not how they can improve. (Im always very happy so has never come to that!!) Love coming home on a Tuesday as my house is spotless and also my girlfriend is happiest after they leave so no headache for me!! Cant recommend enough!!!

Mr D Viella, Forrest Hill

We've just started using Bright & Beautiful, and they have indeed made our home look bright and Beautiful! They're punctual, friendly, and extremely efficient. They even did a deep clean after some building work, and managed to get rid of all the dust in the place! We love them.

Ms Toksvig, East Dulwich

Thanks so much to you and your ladies - the house looks amazing! They've done a really great job. They were also very nice, and efficient.

Ms Owens, Dulwich 17/3/17

It was so great coming home to a sparkly flat after Bright and Beautiful had been in. I had never used them before and I am happy to say that I will have the team over again and again.

Ms Nicol, East Dulwich 15/2/17

Lisa and her wonderful ladies do a fantastic job of making our flat look clean, tidy and radiant! Very reliable and excellent cleaners.

Ms Griffiths, East Dulwich

Your ladies are really wonderful and do a beautiful job for us, thanks so much.

Ms Rose, Forest Hill

Your ladies are fantastic and have done a fantastic job so I’m really happy.

Debbie, East Dulwich 21/9/16

I don’t know where you find these ladies but they are angels because the baby was sleeping they just crept around cleaning every where beautifully and so quietly that he slept right through. They really are fantastic. Thanks

Ms Best, Herne Hill 20/9/16

Your ladies were brilliant, efficient, neat, hardworking and very nice I can’t wait to have them back again.

Ms Beeb, East Dulwich 18/9/16

Just to say that I am really happy with your cleaning services - everything is done very thoroughly. And thanks for being flexible with changing dates at the last minute too. Thank you!

Ms Withers, Forest Hill 18/9/16

Lisa is very quick to respond and always accommodating. The ladies at Bright and Beautiful came to my rescue and have continued to do a great job every week, punctual, thorough and trust worthy. I highly recommend them.

Mr Pullido, Herne Hill

Clean was Great! Thank you! We loved the clean and the ladies are lovely. Thank you so much it's one less thing I have to worry about!

Ms Baker, East Dulwich 03/11/15

Super-efficient team for impeccable results! Never been that happy to go back home on Tuesdays. And it all feels really safe and sound.

Mr Barad, West Dulwich 02/10/15

Bright & Beautiful were brilliant they did absolutely everything that I required. All to a very high standard and efficiently which was great. Best thing was that there not expensive 5/5.

Mr Sanderson, Forest Hill 02/10/15

Lisa just to say we appreciate your professional service and it makes our day to come on a Friday and have the place immaculate – Thanks !

Mr Wassell, Forest Hill 08/09/15

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get back to my flat after your ladies have been! It is such a treat and makes me so happy. They did a great job – please pass on my thanks.

Herne Hill 11/08/15

Lisa please do pass on to your ladies. So far I have no feedback for them other than keep up the great work it’s much appreciated!

West Dulwich 11/08/15

Lisa i’d like to let you know that your ladies do a really good job. It’s great to know they can be relied on to maintain high standards in their work on a Friday – especially if I have had a tough week!!

Dulwich Village 11/08/15

Lisa I don't think the joy of coming home after a visit from your team will ever wear off! It's lovely as ever. Thank you.

Herne Hill 4/11/15

We are absolutely over the moon. The house has never sparkled like this. Thank you to you and your ladies.

Ms Hannam, Forest Hill 02/08/15

Can you please say a huge thank to your team for doing such a fantastic job on my house. They came in like a serene whirlwind and transformed the place. They reminded me that I love my house!

Ms MacLeod, East Dulwich

Lisa thanks so much, the house is superb, it was in a pretty grubby state, so your team really did a brilliant job. Nick will be delighted when he gets home.


Lisa’s team gave our flat the cleaning of its life. It’s so spotless I’ve extended the 30 second dropped-food rule to 20 minutes.


Lisa thank you – we have never seen the house so clean and sparkling, just what we needed this week! We are both really happy with the clean – Thanks again.

Ms Cummings, West Dulwich

Lisa and her team have done a brilliant job. They have made my whole flat look sparkling. I love coming home from work, it feels like coming back to a hotel! I really appreciate the hard work the team have put in, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Ms Slide, West Dulwich

Hi Lisa – Just wanted to let you know the house was superb when we got home last night, it was a great job, we were super pleased. There were lots of little finishing touches I kept noticing!


Hi Lisa – I would just like to say thanks to your team again, I am once again delighted with your service.

Dulwich Village

Thanks Lisa – the flat was fantastic to come home to today, really appreciate it.

Ms White, East Dulwich

Many thanks to Lisa and her team for ensuring our home is in safe hands. Always a pleasure to communicate with Lisa and she always fine-tunes the service at short notice to meet the needs of our disorganised family life!

West Norwood

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing job your team did today, was so lovely to come home to.

Ms McCrudden, Dulwich

It was lovely to come home to sparkling floors and a clean fridge and I don’t think that the hob splash back has been this clean since we moved in.

Ms Bryson, Forest Hill

Lisa – you’re pink ladies have done another wonderful job today, I look forward to seeing them and having a sparkling house every Thursday.

Mr Zaldua, Forest Hill

Another sterling job – please pass on my thanks to your team :-)

Mrs Smyth, West Dulwich

Lisa and her team did a brilliant job on our home, she initially came and found out what I wanted and then came and did exactly that – my house sparkled after the initial clean and I am very much looking forward to her keeping my house sparkled every week.

East Dulwich

Lisa and her team did a fantastic full house clean but what I really liked was she took time to meet first and find out was important to me. Everyone has been impressed.

Mr Humpherson, Dulwich

Lisa Says:

There is nothing nicer then coming back to a beautifully clean home. At the end of a long day it allows you to concentrate on what is important whether that be family or lesuire. My clients say they love coming home when my wonderful team have visited knowing that their home will be shining and has been in safe and reliable hands. I am very proud of the services that myself and my teams offer.