Holistic Housekeeping

Imagine coming home after a busy day, the house is immaculate, not just clean, but the beds are made like a hotel, the lounge looks and smells inviting. All your laundry is pressed and put away and your clothes are ironed and hanging in wardrobe. You have the opportunity to unwind or spend time with your family in a clean and ordered environment.

As a busy working mum Rachel Ray (founder of Bright & Beautiful) was craving a calm ordered home. Like most busy parents she was juggling career, home and family demands. Her vision was to create a holistic housekeeping service that didn’t just clean a home, but brought order out of chaos.

At Bright & Beautiful we know that a beautifully clean home means a brighter you.

The team have been cleaning my home for nearly a year now, but this an understatement of what they actually do. Their pro-active approach to caring for my home means, amongst many other things, the dishwasher gets emptied/filled, the washing gets hung up/put in the drier and the dog gets a run in the garden. The entire team are a pleasure to deal with – very professional and considerate of the fact that I work from home.


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