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Company: Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy
Contact: Emma Sturridge
Telephone: 07770 349341

1/2 Price Introductory session

Offer Description:
Bright and Beautiful clients are able to benefit from a 1/2 price introductory session and if 10 sessions are purchased the 11th will be free.

About Malvern Canine Hydrotherapy:
For Hundreds of Years water has been used therapeutically. It is proven to relieve pain, improve mobility, whilst speeding recovery and strengthening muscles in a minimal weight bearing environment. This is suitable for post surgical rehabilitation or for the maintenance of arthritis and other debilitating orthopaedic complaints.

The top of the range canine hydro/physio water treadmill allows for this to happen in a controlled and safe environment and each session can be tailored for your dogs needs.

Hydrotherapy is not just for rehabilitation or medical purposes as hydrotherapy is great for overall conditioning and fitness in agility, working and show dogs as well as the family pet.

Emma Sturridge is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists(cNARCH), that ensures the centre and staff are trained in all aspects of hydrotherapy, first aid and water management.In addition, the association monitors and ensures all members abide by quality standards so that referring vets, owners and their dogs receive a professional, caring service. As a registered canine hydrotherapist, the majority of pet insurance providers will cover a course in hydrotherapy. Please check with your provider or give me a call to discuss. There is parking on-site and also lots of common land nearby to exercise your dogs.

We are situated right in the heart of Malvern in Barnards Green.

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