Our Promise

In consistent quality and value per visit we cannot be beaten!

What this means:


You can trust that we will always provide and use the best quality eco-friendly non-toxic products in your home with a fresh clean set of high quality cloths and mop.

You can be sure that all of our Professional Housekeepers have been reference and CRB checked and trained according to Bright & Beautiful Expert Procedures. They are not agency staff, they are employed ethically and treated fairly according to UK employment law.


We will provide you with a detailed quote per visit that applies the Bright & Beautiful Expert Procedures to your home and tailors the service to your requirements.

Your local Bright & Beautiful Franchisee will be on hand to manage your ongoing service. We do not allow unsupervised individuals in your home. A team of Professional Housekeepers will deliver the service and the franchise owner will manage holiday and sickness cover to ensure that your service is delivered consistently week after week.

In the very rare event that sickness and holiday cannot be covered your local Franchise Owner will make arrangements with you to reschedule your service at a time that is convenient for you.


Due to the efficiency of the Bright & Beautiful Expert Procedures our Professional Housekeepers can deliver a more comprehensive service and more detailed clean than our competitors. In fact we are confident that “for consistent quality and value per visit we cannot be beaten”.

Please evaluate our competitors’ service under the following criteria:

  • Trusted Team: Are their team employed ethically with UK employment rights or are they agency staff with no training and no accountability? What happens if your cleaner is sick or away? do you have to brief a replacement?
  • Strict Security: Do they allow unsupervised individuals in your home ? What is the procedure for managing your keys and your alarm codes? Are their team CRB checked?
  • Pure Products: Do they provide the products and equipment to clean your home or do you have to buy them yourself? Are the products high quality and healthy for you and your family? Do they bring a fresh set of disinfected microfiber cloths and mops heads to be used exclusively on your home to avoid cross contamination?
  • Holistic Housekeeping: Is there a management service to ensure feedback is actioned and the service is consistent or do you have to manage and communicate with the cleaner yourself?

If you have any questions or feedback about our promise, please email our National Quality Manager on quality@brightandbeautifulhome.com