Ironing Service

Do you ever look at that mounting pile of creased clothes and feel overwhelmed? We all lead such busy lives that a basket of ironing is one of those jobs most people hate! Let’s face it, we can all think of better use of our time such as sitting down with a cuppa rather than standing at the ironing board.

Our Immaculate Ironing team will press your clothes, fold, hang and even put them away! Leaving you with freshly ironed clothes and a wardrobe ready to go!

We can offer our clients our immaculate ironing service on-site while our team are cleaning your home. Your ironing requirements can be as an occasional or regular service. In either case, your clothes will be in tip top condition and ready to wear! Our service also includes bedding, linen, table cloths etc.

The best thing is that it is an affordable service at your fingertips as we don’t charge by the item and our ironing is done on site.

It is incredible on a Friday night to come home to an immaculate house where not only are the clothes washed and ironed but they are even put away in the wardrobe! I would recommend Adam and the team to any home that is looking for regular cleaning services!

Mr Illingworth, Wilmslow

No more standing to iron now you can sit and chill.