Laundry Service

Imagine slipping between the sheets of a freshly laundered bed with plump pillows, a perfectly pressed duvet and smooth sheets.

Our Lovely Laundry service means that your beds are made like a hotel and your laundry has been washed and dried on site just when you need it.

We can also wash and dry your clothes and even iron them and put them away. No more hunting for that elusive outfit that is still in the bottom of the laundry basket. Your clothes can be fresh, clean, pressed and ready to wear.

“We walk through the door to the immaculately pressed laundry and bed dressing skills that make it a joy to come home.”

Mr & Mrs Brown, Pontefract

No longer worn out with washing -now you can relax and unwind.

Give us a whirl!

Dry Cleaning Services

We take pride in our ability to offers full housekeeping services. Where possible, our franchisees take the time to select preferred Dry Cleaning partners and can facilitate the collection and return of your items.

Please ask for availability in your area.